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Reunion Notes
    $ Raised From Class of '66 T-Shirt & CD Sales Donated to Lee Organization    
    Greg & Cindy Smith Present Their Donation to Paige Beyer, Lee Pep Squad & Cheer Director    
    October 21, 2016    
    Some things never change.    
    Shared by Jan Hanson Clarke    
    October 21, 2016    
    Class of '66 Couples    


Arnold & Martha Wickson Barrett   Bill & Sue Haase Cotner  


Tony & Glenna Japhet Jones
Bob & Donna Dick Ochoa

Joe & Nelle Buchanan Pichler  
Jim & Faye Bachman Todd
Bugle Call
1965 Issues
September 14 - December 17
1966 Issues
January 14 - May 20
Jan Hanson Clarke, Editor
#1 ~ Should I Stay .... or Should I Go? (Hanson)
#2 ~ Should I Stay .... or Should I Go? (Alyn)
We Remember Madelyn Gryzbowski
Brazosport Game ~ December '65
Pipelines ~ January '66 Talent Show
Old (but fun) News
    Who Put the Castle in Castle Hills?    
    Bryant Slimp's Grandparents' Home    
    Express-News article, May 26, 2016    
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    Important Facts to Remember as You Grow Older    
    Shared on Facebook by Linda Cleveland Brinkley    
    March 30, 2016    
    Shared on Facebook by Janet Pittman Eggleston    
    April 12, 2016    
    You Might Be a Grandparent If You Can Relate ...    
    Priceless Quotes    
    Shared by Tom Morgan February 8, 2016    
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