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    Class of 1966  
1965-66 SMU Cheerleading Champions
When Betsy and I were juniors and went to the SMU cheerleading camp, Carole Short, Pat Rudiwick, Judy Hanson, Betsy, and I came in second place. I remember the cheerleading squad from Paul's Valley won it, and they were very good. Matter of fact, teams from all over Texas and parts of Oklahoma attended, and they were all good! :)
But I remember thinking “second place” was a heartbreaker.

However, heading into our senior year, we had all worked really hard, and that year we WON the 1st place SMU Cheerleading Championship trophy. Yep, we won first place! The trophy stayed in the Lee breezeway trophy case, but I have no idea what eventually happened to it. About the time of our reunion, I had inquired and nobody knew what happened to the trophy.

To my knowledge, no other Robert E. Lee cheering squad had ever won first place at that state competition. This picture was taken by Miss Kirk (Forren) with our “first place ribbons” right before the presentation of the trophy. I'm holding up the “Spirit Stick“ which we also won ... pretty big honor!

When I think back about all the great people, individuals, numerous sports teams, coaches, & academia that excelled at Robert E. Lee High School, I'm always left in awe. It seemed everything we touched turned to Gold. The Home of Champions is not
just an accolade ... it's the sacred truth.

So much fun to remember & so proud to have been a part of it, Pat

Back: Betsy Stark, Pat Kilman, Diane Swendeman
Front: Melodie Sayger & Cathy Saunders
(left to right)
Sol Casseb ~ Judge Annie Langham Marshall ~ Tennis/Band
Wayne Eldridge ~ DVM
John Nathman ~ U. S. Admiral
Jim Fabish ~ Football Richard Rawson ~ Business Executive
Ed Farris ~ Army Major/Real Estate
Pamela Robinson Redman ~ Playwright
Tommy Fibich ~ Attorney
Michael Suter ~ Engineer/Inventor
Eddie Gurinsky ~ FBI
Geronimo "Jerry" Trevino ~ Musician
Jack Hyman ~ Author Jerry Wootan ~ Finance/Entrepreneur
    Sports Stars  
1962 Mile Relay ~ State Champions
Linus Baer ~ Sports Hall of Fame

1965 Football ~ State Finalists
Johnny Coles ~ Senior Basketball Champion

1965-66 Golf ~ State Champions
Preston Davis ~ 1st 3-sport Letterman

1992 Football Dream Team
Bob Tuttle ~ Senior Golf Champion

    Friends & Teammates  
Mac Anderson (photo) Arthur Mandry (photo)

John Baines ~ Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Roddy McAlpine

Bob Burney
Frank Monaco (photo)

Bill Knippa
Tom Morgan ~ Sculptor

Luke Lowery (photo)
Dan Shelton
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