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Blue Heights
Hey, All You Volunteers
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A. K. Flory, Principal
Kirk Drew, Head Coach
M. E. Rodman, Band Director
Doreen Kirk, Lee-ette Sponsor
Alma Mater:
Rebel Rouser:
Calvin Schultz
1. Lee Band
Reid Sellers
2. Duane Eddy
    Compiled from the original, red, 45 rpm record.    
School Spirit Memories shared by Sherry Stevens
Will likely draw fire over this opinion, but was thinking about the reunion and how wonderful it has been to reconnect via technology and foster those memories of all of us at high school...the fun, the great education that our teachers provided, the shared experiences. In recalling how all the Lee fans would be in their seats, waiting, and the band, twirlers, cheerleaders and Lee-ettes would line up...and happened!!!!! The drummers would start, our march into the stadium would begin, and the fans would roar.

And I am PROUD to remember the soar of spirit when that Confederate Flag was run across the field...and we were as one...and the cornets, and the "CHARGE" ...were phenomenal!

That flag was for SPIRIT, and for no other sinister purposes. That is my memory, no matter how many other people have tried to erase the flag from our experiences and from Robert E. Lee High School's history. I am proud to have cheered myself hoarse, along with so many others, when that flag was waved and run across the field, and no one has the right to tamper with that symbol of spirit and loyalty from our high school memories that resonate in our hearts. Never again will we be able to convene as we will in October! What a thrill it will be to be there...with my little Confederate flag in my hand. For, after all, once a Rebel, always a Rebel.

Wayne Eldridge
Vice President
Bob Burnside
Pat Gold
Kay Cain
Neal Rensmeyer
Sandy Eitel
Cathy Saunders
Pam Gentle
Sergeant at Arms
Jerry Trevino

Senior Class Officers
Wayne, Pat, Bob, Kay, Jerry, Pam, Sandy, Neal, Cathy
Graduation Memorabilia Do you remember our 700+ classmates? Electronic Yearbook Sophomore year
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Where were you the evening of November 29, 1963? Auke Kroondijk (exchange Do you have photos to share?
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student) w/Kenny & Laury
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at the 1965 State Championship game Old and blurry, but still a great memory! Borrowed from a video created by Coach Sawyer's granddaughter.
Courtesy of Yvonne Gamez Stamper
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Seniors Show School Spirit 1992 Dream Team ~ 3 coaches + at least 7 players who were at Lee with us. Do you know who the lion is?
1965 Pep Rally
Can you identify them?. Others? .E-mail answers/guesses to:
She is a '66 grad.

Coached by Tom Moseley

Many thanks to Jim Vaughn for reminding The 1965-66 golf team won 1965-66 Golf Team
us of this amazing accomplishment. Lee's first State Championship! (click image to enlarge)
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Hard to believe we rode that wooden monster.
1966 Yearbook
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SA Express-News ? .......... Caption:

TEARFUL END The bitter disappointment that enshrouded Robert E. Lee players and boosters Saturday is depicted here as a mud-splattered Tackle Jerry Townsend slowly makes his way from the field. Condolences are offered tearfully by an unidentified Lee-ette. The Volunteers lost the State Class AAAA football championship to Odessa Permian, 11-6.

Who is the unidentified Lee-ette? >>>>

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Ladies of Lee may not particpate,
but they're gonna love the picture.

Volume 7 ... Friday, December 18, 1964 ... Number 9
Junior nominees for Duchess: Kay Cain, Pam Gentle, & Betsy Stark. Who won?


Opened in 1929, "Cool Crest Miniature Golf in San Antonio, Texas is one of
the oldest continuously operated
miniature golf courses in the world."
Click the image to hear Sleep Walk. Tons of fun!!! ~ 1965 Annual Click logo to go to web site.  Original game card (circa 1955)
American Bandstand video
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How many rounds did you play? .... Favorite date spot?


Senior Majorettes - Jeanette, Sue Haase & Linda Bates  

Betsy Stark, Diane Swendeman, Pat Kilman,

Cheryl S, Nelle, & Cheryl M
1966 Yearbook
Cathy Saunders, & Melodie Sayger
How many times/day did you call? Ray Inzer, Drum Major Dance Crazes of the 60's User friendly
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1966 Yearbook
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You may need one of these found by Judie "Tinker" Butera Kochwelp Yes, we are! "Text" much?
to carry your enchiladas.
requested by Ginger Magers
found by Greg Smth Think the teachers knew or cared?
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