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NEISD Board Votes to Rename Robert E. Lee Hgh School
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NEISD Board Votes to Change Name
Scoggins ~ Letter Opposing Name Change
Aten ~ Letter Opposing Name Change
Middleton ~ Letter Opposing Name Change
Powells ~ Opinion Opposing Name Change
NEISD Board Vote Announced
NEISD Won't Change Name
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NEISD Board Keeps Historic Confederate Past
More Battles to Come
Tom Morgan ('65), Linus Baer ('64), & Bill Knippa ('65)
Recommend New Name: Liberty High School


We asked Tom, Linus, and Bill their thoughts behind their naming recommendation submitted to the NEISD Board.
Why Liberty High School?
Here is their response. There is more depth to it than saving the letter "L". It is worth the read.

A Thoughtful Perspective on Renaming Lee High School.

We share the sadness of our treasured school name departing like an old friend stepping from our 60 year old depot onto the grandest steam locomotive, blasting out Rebel Rouser, the greatest fight song of all time. Our old friend waving 'so long', never to be forgotten. We struggle to let go of our banner we so proudly fly, yet forever grasp our greatest traditions: cherished memories and unbreakable bonds. Over these years, we hope we have learned and grown to lead. Lest we forget students' heels still click along those same beautiful tile hallways we walked long ago. Students' hands flick open and slam shut those same lockers as we did long ago. We three asked ourselves: Do we not want them to know their alumni care for their great future as much as we care for our wonderful past. We three felt it best to honor our alma mater with a most honorable name. Liberty High School! Liberty, that gift of our great Democracy. Liberty, what greater honor for a school to represent, a core value of our United States Constitution, a cause for which lives of valor have been given. Liberty, what greater lesson for students to embrace: Freedom of expression, Freedom of choice with responsibility to govern oneself, accountability for one's actions.

We asked NEISD to honor our treasured traditions: Keep the Letter, Keep the Red and Gray. Let us not impulsively discard what need not be discarded, traditions part of our great alma mater's history, not of this controversial era of U.S history. We asked them to help heal the heartache and nourish the future.

    NEISD Board Votes to Change the Name of Lee High School      
KSAT 12 News Article ~ August 29, 2017
    Why the Name of Robert E. Lee High School Should Not Be Changed    
    Letter shared on the "Robert E. Lee High School Alumni ~ 1059 - Current Grads" Facebook group page by Bruce Scoggins    
    1961 Lee Graduate    
    published with permission September 6 , 2017    
    Why the Name of Robert E. Lee High School Should Not Be Changed    
    Letter to the NEISD Board of Trustees from Don Aten    
    1984 Lee Graduate    
    published with permission August 22, 2017    
    Why the Name of Robert E. Lee High School Should Not Be Changed    
    Letter to the NEISD Board of Trustees from Dr. Richard Middleton    
    1965 Lee Graduate & former NEISD Superintendent    
    published with permission December 2, 2015    
    Why the Name of Robert E. Lee High School Should Not Be Changed    
    Opinion Regarding Changing the Name of Robert E. Lee High School    
    Michael Powells, 1988 Lee Graduate ~ 2015 Facebook Commentary    
    published with permission August 23, 2017    
    V, V, VICTORY!!!    
    The North East Independent School District [Board] voted [5-2] Monday to    
    keep the name Robert E. Lee High School following months of controversy., December 7, 2015    
    NEISD won't change name of Lee High School    
    San Antonio Express-News Article    
    Greta Kaul, Staff Writer    
    A-6, December 8, 2015    
    Thank the Board Members Who Opposed the Lee Name Change    
    Barbara Evans Skipper, Class of 1965    
    Posted on the Lee Class of 1965 Facebook page    
    December 8, 2015    

Go on the NEISD website and locate the email addresses of the Board Members
who supported keeping the name the same. Email thanks to each one. You know
they will hear from the opponents. We must keep all 5 votes in our support.

    Breitbart Online    
    Texas School Board Bucks Trend, Keeps Historic Confederate Past    
    December 15, 2015    
    Same War ... More Battles to Come    
    Fernando J. Rocha, Class of 1982 ~ Support the Board Members Who Voted Against Lee Name Change    
    Posted on Robert E. Lee (Ex-Athletes) San Antonio TX Facebook page    
    December 8, 2015